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    Queries and Custom Connectors

    Brian Wallis Master

      If I understand the ticket MODE-1200  correctly, if I do a query across a repository that is hosted via a custom connector, the query is not given to the connector but is rather executed against the lucene index if any. My concern is the same as expressed in the discussion linked from the ticket. I will most likely have a mutli-TB sized readonly repository accessed via a custom connector. This cannot be indexed everytime modeshape starts up and most queries will be able to be efficiently satisifed via the underlying storage mechanism (which is file based but has a relational DB index already setup).


      Since MODE-1200 was marked as won't fix for modeshape 2.x I was wondering how this is going to work in 3.0?



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          Randall Hauch Master

          ModeShape 3.0 will work initially like 2.x, in that the ModeShape-managed indexes will need to index the content from external sources before it can be searched. However, I would like to eventually add a mechanism whereby the connector can say that it supports queries, which would prevent the indexing of that content while also meaning we can send queries to the connector (and have the results automatically merged by the repository). This seems fairly straightforward, until you start thinking about cases where some criteria applies to a combination of external nodes and node managed in ModeShape (or other external sources).