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    Email Service & Task permission

    Sukla Nag Newbie

      I am having 2 problems while developing a demo program using eclipse graphical editor & drools repository.


      1. It is a simple approval process, where krisv is sending a reuisition to john & john has to either approve or ask for change. I have hard coded john's name & krisv's name. The process is gone to repository, it is coming in krisv's process, he starts the process & fills up his requisition form but as the next stop it does not go to john, it says that john has no permission to start the task


      2. krisv also sends a email using email service, it gets error that email service handler is not present. I checked that both the config files drools.session.conf & CustomWorkItemHandlers.conf &  the jar file jbpm-workitems-5.2.0.Final.jar has been loaded by install.demo target. The javax.mail & javax.activation jar should be there in the jre location of eclipse project (java1.6.0.2 version).

      So I cannot figure out the problem,


      I have attached all files in the bpmn2 process


      Help is appreciated,