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    Various datasources

    Francisco Solans Newbie

      Can somebody tell me how to change config files and using various datasourdes ?

      For every ear deploy, I have a different DB


      I don't understand how to change standardjaws because I only can put a datasource ????

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          David Jencks Master

          Well, first of all you need a DataSource for each database. In 2.4.x you will probably set these up using XADataSourceLoader mbeans in jboss.jcml. Make sure each mbean has a unique name and the jndi names are unique ("PoolName" I think?) My experience is that you can get these datasources in your code at java:/. You can also translate these names using I think a resource-ref element.

          To use cmp, I think you need a jaws.xml file for each ejb jar in the ear saying which datasource to use. Consult the manual.