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    problem getting thread dump while JBoss AS is starting up

    tamal24 Newbie



      I am newbie in Jboss AS. I need to take the thread dump while Jboss is starting up.


      I have consulted the https://community.jboss.org/wiki/ThreadDump


      And following the

      Signal the JVM to print out a StackTrace approach.


      Modified the run.sh to put the thread dump on $JBOSS_HOME/server/bin/jboss.trace file.


      while server is being started I am doing ps -ef | grep jboss to find jboss pid. And then I am doing kill -3 pid to print stack trace.

      But the stack trace is not coming into jboss.trace file. It only having content same like server.log.


      Please let me know what I am doing wrong. run.sh and jboss.trace is attached here.


      JBoss AS version is 5.1. Java version is 1.6.0_26. OS version is SunOS 5.1