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    Configuring concurrent timeout for conversations in Seam3

    Henrik Huttunen Newbie



      I have been unable to configure the timeout for concurrent requests for conversations. I am trying to avoid the BusyConversationException I get when server responds slowly.


      I found that in Seam2 you can add the following into beans.xml:


      <core:manager concurrent-request-timeout="5000" conversation-timeout="120000" />


      It seems that the needed namespace is http://jboss.com/products/seam/core-2.2.xsd and if I understand correctly, is usable for Seam 2 only.


      I debugged the class AbstractConversationContext in Weld, where the default timeout is 1000, and the timeout is not changed with the above configuration (that should set it as 5000).


      Is there a way around it? This is the biggest problem in our production, and causes a lot of headaches.


      Thank you!