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    JBoss and oracle products integration

    menjivar88 Newbie

      Hello, im new with red hat products but i have been using oracle products and i want to know how is the integration with these product, i want to know if i can integrate, for example jboss + oracle internet directory (LDAP) and if i can use the SSO product from oracle with JBoss, and as repository the oracle datase, and if there is a restriction with the version.





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          Carlos Carreno Newbie

          yes, you can but I think that OpenDS is better for you

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            Tomaz Cerar Master



            there are no special problems with using Oracle products with Jboss AS, as long as there is some way to communicate with them.

            For database there is no special restrictions, for version compatibilty the most important part is JDBC driver, which you can download from oracle's website, Oracle  has very good jdbc support so there you should not find any issues.

            LDAP is standard protocol and becouse of that it can be used with any product that knows it, java and jboss are among them

            How it is with SSO I have no personal experiance but i would think there should be no problems beyond maybe writing some small parts to comunicate with your system.