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    Partial render rich:collapsibleSubTable

    munk2020 Newbie

      I am having an issue with partial rendering of a cell in a collapsibleSubTable.  I added a rowKeyVar to both the data:table and the collapsibleSubTable.  I also added 2 collections for the groups and rows to update.


      Here is what I have so far.


      groupsToUpdate is a HashSet<Integer> containing the ids 0, 1, 2, 3 for each group that should be updated.

      groupsToUpdateMap is a HashMap<Integer, HashSet<Integer>> which is keyed off of the group...[0, [0,1,2]],[1,[0,1]]...




      I am not receiving any errors, but it is not rendering cell4.  I have searched online and the only examples I can find are for a simple dataTable.


      Any pointers for a collapsibleSubTable?





      After some more playing I finally got something to work by not using the HashMap on the subtable.




      The problem with this is if rowsToUpdate contains 0 then every group that has a rowKeyVar of 0 will be update.  Not really a partial render at this point.  Is it possible to reference a keyed map on the subtable to only update certain rows per subTable?