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    As Seam 3 moves off to become Apache DeltaSpike will Seam 2 for JSF2 re-take the name Seam 4

    Tony Herstell Master

      Seam2 was an ecosystem (it's strength).


      Now we have CDI (and Weld the RI) and we also have a bunch of optional addons, originally, and very confusingly, called Seam3 (now moving off to be called Apache DeltaSpike).


      Does it make sense to allow the amazing work being done on the Seam2 ecosysystem to make it JS2 compatiable steal back the Seam (Ecosystem) name and have be called Seam 4 upon "completion"?


      Seam started as a full ecosystem and it would show that Seam2 has a future.


      Everyone is so confused about what Seam is, and how to start "Seam", that I am not sure if its possible to confuse things any more.