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    SNMP traps not working for jboss 6.0.0.Final(with ESB)

    Satish Kumar Newbie



      I have a message processing ESB application deployed in jboss 6.0.0.Final and want to send SNMP traps for any errors during message processing.

      I have configured SNMP appender and logger in jboss-logging.xml of jboss, present in deploy directory as follows:


           <log4j-appender name="MessageProcessingSNMPAppender" class="org.apache.log4j.ext.SNMPTrapAppender">





            <level name="DEBUG"/>



               <property name="implementationClassName">org.apache.log4j.ext.JoeSNMPTrapSender</property>

               <property name="managementHost"></property>

               <property name="managementHostTrapListenPort">162</property>

               <property name="enterpriseOID"></property>

               <property name="localIPAddress"></property>

               <property name="localTrapSendPort">161</property>

               <property name="genericTrapType">6</property>

               <property name="specificTrapType">12345678</property>

               <property name="communityString">public</property>

               <property name="forwardStackTraceWithTrap">true</property>

               <property name="applicationTrapOID"></property>



               <pattern-formatter pattern="%-5p %-5c %x - %m %n"/>




           <logger category="MessageProcessingSNMPLogger"  use-parent-handlers="false">

               <level name="DEBUG" />


           <handler-ref  name="MessageProcessingSNMPAppender" /></handlers>



      and below is the code for error logging with snmp logger configured as above:


      private static final Logger messageProcessingSNMPLog = Logger.getLogger("MessageProcessingSNMPLogger");

      messageProcessingSNMPLog.error(logErrorMessage, messageProcessingException);


      I am using wireshark to examine the SNMP traps sent from my application. But no SNMP traps were observed.


      Want to know what am i missing from configuration side or libraries for SNMP to work.

      Thanks in advance.