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    HornetQ (within JBoss), STOMP and Apache NMS

    Rastko Soskic Newbie

      Hi, as this is my first post to this forum, I hope I picked right one.


      Here is scenario... I've setup queue on HornetQ (running on JBoss) along with STOMP acceptor.


      Now, that works, I can telnet from remote machine to hornet's acceptor port,
      so STOMP acceptor is working.


      Now I am trying to connect to HornetQ from some .net application
      through Apache's NMS STOMP client.


      However, I am always getting exception stating that particular queue with given name,
      e.g. /queue/test does not exist, although there is queue with that name (actual
      name of the queue, not JNDI name).


      Has anyone succeeded in something like this? Is there something additional
      required to configure on HornetQ queue so it is accessible to remote clients?


      To be honest I am not sure whether this is question for HornetQ people or JBoss people...


      Any, suggestion, tip, help, advice is appreciated.


      Kind regards