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    Configuration JBPM 5.2

    philippe Serenne Newbie

      reference guide chapter 3 talks about JbpmConfiguration  and JbpmContext

      re to be different from those in the default configuration file.

      The JBPM configuration is represented by the org.jbpm.JbpmConfiguration class. To obtain it, use the singleton instance method (JbpmConfiguration.getInstance().)


      To load a configuration from another source, use the JbpmConfiguration.parseXxxx methods.

      static JbpmConfinguration jbpmConfiguration = JbpmConfinguration.parseResource("my.jbpm.cfg.xml");  

      The JbpmConfiguration is "thread safe" and, hence, can be kept in a static member.

      Every thread can use a JbpmConfiguration as a factory for JbpmContext objects. A JbpmContext will usually represent one transaction. They make services available inside context blocks which looks like this:

      JbpmContext jbpmContext = jbpmConfiguration.createJbpmContext();  try// This is what we call a context block.    // Here you can perform workflow operations    } finally {  jbpmContext.close();  }

      The JbpmContext makes both a set of services and the configuration settings available to the JBPM.


      But these classes cannot be found in bin or src distrib (nor the org/jbpm/default.jbpm.cfg.xml default configuration file)


      Dos anybody has an idea about how to manage configuration in Jbmp5.2 ?