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      I am facing a problem when using <rich:panelMenu>


      when i click on <rich:panelMenuGroup> it is expanding and when i click on <rich:panelMenuItem> it is showing page based on navigation string.


      But when I click on the rich:menuitem when the page is loaded the parent <rich:panelMenuGroup> is getting shrinked but it should be in epanded mode .


      Note:<rich:panelMenuGroup> shoud be in epandad mode. and when i click on other <rich:panelMenuGroup> othe one should shrink. This is working fine



      sample code:



                <rich:panelMenu >



                                  <rich:panelMenuGroup label="group1" >   


                                         <rich:panelMenuItem  label="subgroup1" action="/sample1.xhtml" />


                                         <rich:panelMenuItem  label="subgroup2" action="/sample2.xhtml" />




                                 <rich:panelMenuGroup label="group2"   >    


                                         <rich:panelMenuItem  label="subgroup3" action="/sample3.xhtml" />


                                         <rich:panelMenuItem  label="subgroup4" action="/sample4.xhtml" />








      Exactly to say I want behaviour like shown in below link.




      Could any help me out


      Thanks & Regards,