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    Skinning for standard tables

    Markus Plangg Newbie



      I am new to Richfaces and JSF in general and I'm wondering what's the best way of creating a static table that uses skinning from richfaces. So the goal is a static table, that looks like a table generated by rich:datatable.


      I saw that it is not possible to create static tables using jsf or richfaces components so i created the table with standard HTML tags. The problem is, how do I use the richfaces style. I already tried to enable skinning for standard controls by setting org.richfaces.enableControlSkinning but I guess this does not work for tables.


      One way would be to add all classes that rich:datatable uses manually but this is a little cumbersome.

      I also tried to create a custom CSS that uses the skin parameters but this seems not enough (e.g. rich:datatable also uses a background-image for the table header and I could not find a way to include the image in my CSS).


      Am I missing something, or what are the best practices for creating skinned static tables?