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    [AS7.1] JSR88 deployment: "The scratchDir you specified ... is unuseable"

    Wolfgang Knauf Master

      Hi JBoss gurus,


      the error message in the subject is seen when I deploy a small WAR file which contains a simple Struts2 app. The app does not work when doing JSR88 deployment, but it works when copying to the deploy directory. The only hint I see is this error in "server.log" in deploy:


      21:16:39,625 FATAL [org.apache.jasper.EmbeddedServletOptions] (MSC service thread 1-4) The scratchDir you specified: C:\temp\jboss-as-7.1.0.Final-SNAPSHOT\standalone\tmp\work\jboss.web\default-host\file:_C:_DOCUME~1_myUsername_LOCALS~1_Temp_StrutsBasics is unusable.


      The name for the directory in "tmp\work" seems quite broken, and this is the only hint why I post it in the "JBossWeb" forum ;-).

      When using CLI and deploying the file from e.g. my user profile directory, it works. So it might be an issue specific to JSR88 deployment or the integration of JBossWeb, Struts2 and JSR88.


      As you probably need more input or a sample ;-): a JSR88 deployer is attached to this JIRA: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AS7-3474 

      And the Struts2 sample is here: http://www.cs.hs-rm.de/~knauf/JavaEE6/strutsbasics/StrutsBasics.war  (you will have to add "Javassist" from the struts2 bundle to WEB-INF\lib to make it deployable to AS7.1)



      Best regards