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    How does a REST publisher specify a selector data field?

    Rod K Newbie

      For HornetQ Rest messaging, how do I specify the selector data value for

      the publisher?


      I want to use the HornetQ REST product for both publishing and subscribing, with the publisher providing a field called "category" that can be used in a message selector by the subscriber.


      Below is my subscription request (hand-edited to change the host name)



        <link rel='push' href='http://some-host:8080/store' type='application/xml' method='POST' />

        <selector><![CDATA[category = 'B']]></selector>



      I'm pretty sure that I got the subscriber registration correct.


      But for the publisher, I am confused how to specify category. The HornetQ Rest Interface Guide version 2.2.5 doesn't mention anything in Chapter 4 "Posting Messages" about specifying an identifier.

      The closest that I see is Chapter 5 "Consuming Messages via Pull" which says


      selector This is an optional JMS selector string. The HornetQ REST interface adds HTTP headers to the JMS message for REST produced messages. HTTP headers are prefixed with "http_" and

      every '-' charactor is converted to a '$'.



      So for my publisher, I specified a "category" and an "http_category" in the HTTP header with associated values, but the end result is that my subscriber  receives 0 messages. Apparently, the published message does not contain the field that I'm looking for.



      I know that the message selection is working, because when I specify

        <selector><![CDATA[category <> 'B']]></selector>

      then I receive every message.


      I am using HornetQ 2.2.5.


      Any hints? Any example code for the publisher?



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          Justin Bertram Master

          There currently is no support for specifying arbitrary message properties on a message published by a REST client.

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            Rod K Newbie

            It helped knowing that what I was looking for does not exist. Thanks!


            The workaround is to create an incoming topic and a JMS bridge between the REST publisher and REST subscribers.


            So a setup might look like this:


            REST publisher  ==>  incomingTopic  == push ==> JMS bridge (see note 1)  == publish ==> notifyTopic  == push ==> REST subscriber


            note 1: In this code,

            • a JMS client receives the message (HornetQ receives it as a ByteMessage... you'll have to convert it to a String to get to the original XML)
            • Create an ObjectMessage for the outgoing message. The message body is the original XML string.
            • Add properties, as appropriate (e.g., call Message's setStringProperty).
            • Per section 9.1 of the "HornetQ REST Interface 2.2.5.Final", set the property as follows: message.setStringProperty(org.hornetq.rest.HttpHeaderProperty.CONTENT_TYPE, "application/xml");
            • Publish the outgoing message
            • The REST subscribers should receive the messages per the filter settings when they subscribed