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    problem with richfaces calendar

    Domen Petric Newbie

      I have problem with richfaces calendar.

      I want to see only year and month so i made datePattern="yyyy/MM", which works fine until i want to change date.

      When i click on button and calendar pop up the current value disappear. If i don't select date the value is null. I tried to save old date in my bean but problem remains because when i open calendar it is always set to todays date.

      Problem occur only when i don't put dd(days) in datePatern


      Part of code:

      <rich:calendar value="#{myBean.date}" datePatern="yyyy/MM" />


      Thanks in advance

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          Radim Hanus Expert

          I guess rich:calendar is not the right choice at you case

          although rich:calendar may be bound to propably any object type provided that you supply custom converter a day ordinal still should be supplied because it's a part of the date

          maybe you would do better with a h:selectOneMenu to specify a month and a h:inputText to define a year instead of "incomplete" rich:calendar

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