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    rich:inplaceInput remain fixed on the screeen when I scroll horizontally(IE7 & IE8)

    sandeep kamath Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am using richfaces showcase 4.0.0.Final. My code should work with IE7 & IE8 browser.


      I have a requirement where i have to display huge number of columns with scrolling(horizontal) so i used rich:extendedDataTable to display records.

      I need to use rich:inplaceInput to make some column editable.


      When i use inplaceInput & i scroll the records, the column with inplaceInput will not move with scroll. It will stay at the same place(FIXED). This is causing lot of problem.

      • I think this was a bug in richface 3.3.0 . tried the workaround provided for 3.3.0 but still this problem exists.
      • is this fixed in richface 4.0.0.Final ?
      • is there any workaround for this?


      Please have a look at the given below screenshot.