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    Non-clustered queue in clustered environment

    Hushen Savani Novice

      How can I make one queue non-clustered(not included for load balancing) out of say five queues in Hornetq clustered environment?


      Pl. suggest on urgent basis.


      Thank you.

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          Andy Taylor Master

          as i have said you cant. But you can use a message selector and make sure your consumer uses this

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            Hushen Savani Novice

            Hi Andy,


                 Thanks. But message selector will not help in my case because, I deploy same application ear on both the nodes. So, there will be the same sort of consumers on both the nodes. However, I have read a workaround posted on this thread. I have tried using it as following:


            Queues defined in hornetq-jms.xml:

                     <!-- Clustered Queues -->

                    <queue name="clustered.mocmMasterQueue">

                            <entry name="/queue/clustered.mocmMasterQueue"/>



                    <queue name="clustered.mocmProcessingQueue">

                            <entry name="/queue/clustered.mocmProcessingQueue"/>



                      <queue name="clustered.mocmSuccessQueue">

                            <entry name="/queue/clustered.mocmSuccessQueue"/>



                    <queue name="clustered.mocmFailureQueue">

                            <entry name="/queue/clustered.mocmFailureQueue"/>



                     <!-- Non-Clustered Queue -->
                    <queue name="nonclustered.mocmManagementQueue">

                            <entry name="/queue/nonclustered.mocmManagementQueue"/>



            Address Configured in Clusted Connection in hornetq-configuration.xml:


                  <cluster-connection name="mocm-cluster">







                     <discovery-group-ref discovery-group-name="mocm-discovery-group"/>




                 Now, with this configurations, all the queues has gone non-clustered in clustered environment. Messages are not being round-robined. Can you please suggest what could've gone wrong here?




            Best Regards,

            Hushen Savani

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              Hushen Savani Novice

              Continuing related discussion on this thread:



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