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    Load a connection pool at deploy time

    Roland Raeuftin Newbie


      I'd like to bound a connection pool to a specific application. That means, that I want specify the configuration of the datasoucre (e.g. MyDataSource) in an application specific configuration file (included in the "jar" File of the application) and NOT in
      the jboss.jcml file witch is loaded on startup of JBoss.

      This datasource should be loaded at deploy time and sould be destroyed when I remove the jar File from the JBOSS_HOME\deploy directory.

      Is there a possibility to implement that? Is this confirm to the EJB spec.?

      Thank a lot!

      R. Raeuftlin

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          David Jencks Master

          AFAIK, this is not covered by the spec, and is against their philosophy, if not the letter, however I think this is a very reasonable capability. It is mostly implemented in jboss 3: there right now you can deploy a my-app-db-service.xml file containing the ConnectionFactoryLoader for your db instance (replaces XADataSourceLoader). We plan to make it possible to put such a file inside an ear, although I don't think it is implemented yet.

          In jboss 2.4.x, you can apply the patch 443701 "make configuration service a deployer" and deploy a mini-jboss.jcml style file in deploy along with your app. You could also write an external application to create and configure the appropriate mbean using the jmx connector (or maybe it's an adapter)