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    Encrypting keystore password?

    Ed Keen Newbie

      I have successfully created an SSL acceptor (within JBoss AS 7.1), as follows:


                          <acceptor name="netty-ssl-acceptor">


                              <param key="host" value="localhost"/>

                              <param key="port" value="5446"/>

                              <param key="ssl-enabled" value="true"/>

                              <param key="key-store-path" value="/path/to/jms.keystore"/>

                              <param key="key-store-password" value="password"/>

                              <param key="trust-store-path" value="/path/to/jms.truststore"/>

                              <param key="trust-store-password" value="password"/>



      As you can see, the key-store-password and trust-store-password are in clear text.  My company has a policy against storing any passwords in files in clear text.  Is there a way to encrypt these?  Or is there a way I can extend the default acceptor class?



      Ed Keen