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    Lazy loading with panel

    giant2 Newbie

      Hi all!

      I have a problem on lazy loading data. In particular I have a rich:tabPanel with an enormous number of tab. All the structure are taken from a DB.

      If I charge all these tab when the page is requested, I go to block the entire system.

      So I decide to charge only the panel of a tab when the tab is clicked (action...).

      But the problem is how can I tell to charge only the visible (the first) tabpanel must be charged at pageloading?

      Any ideas???



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          giant2 Newbie

          I solved implementing a mechanism and without using tabpanel (cause to other problems).

          I used the "if" statement to render and visualize because rendering something doesn't disable its building.

          If use only the render tag, the panels anche the components are all built (but not visible) and it isn't lazyloading.


          Hope this answer could be usefull for others.