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    Regarding JBOSS Client Directory

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             I understand that the jars in the JBOSS client directory are not loaded by the app server. These jars are loaded by the standalone client applications that want to interact with JBOSS. These cleint apps run in different JVM process (other than Jboss AS) as well.

      I wanted to know the client apps running in different jvm process can interact with Jboss AS and how the jars in the client dir are loaded.





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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          Hi and welcome to the forum.


          The jar's in the client directory can be added to the client application classpath (--classpath ... option of java execution), normally the client will be on a different system and you have to copy it.

          Also you can set the classpath in the applications /META-INF/MANIFEST


          You can connect to JBoss in different manner, it depend on what you want. You should read getting started guides of JBoss or JavaEE.

          Also, if you use AS7.1 the quickstarts are recommendable.