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    Patching JBoss AS 7.0.2 with 7.1.0CR1

    atrivedi Newbie

      Hi Team


      I am currently in process of configuring JBoss 7 for our environment. Half way through the process I realized that some of the issues that we are facing with 7.0.2 build have been addressd in 7.1.0CR1 build. Also, there is a 7.1.0Final build due to be released soon.


      Is there a way to patch the 7.0.2Final build to the latest 7.1.0CR1 (or 7.1.0Final, whenever it is out) ?


      I can download the latest 7.1.0CR1 tar file as is and configure that but im just trying to avoid rework. Also when newer version of JBoss 7.x comes out I wanted to know if there is a way to patch the existing 7.x build with the latest without having to reconfigure the whole thing.