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    Configure Quartz in stand-alone mode

    davilinho Newbie



      I have a stand-alone Quartz mode's question, and I don't found answer anywhere.


      I want to configure a Jboss 5.1 server, with a Quartz in stand-alone, looks like a HornetQ stand-alone mode.


      I have a web application, that runs in 6 Jboss servers, and I want that the Quartz Jboss server, manage Jobs from web application servers.


      In other words, on one site I'll have a Jboss server with Quartz alone, scheduling it the web applications jobs of the 6 Jboss servers.


      It's possible??


      And it's recomanable upgrade Quartz version from Jboss AS 5.1, or if I upgrade it, I'll lost the support??