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    Customized WorkItems - API?

    Kai Gebhardt Newbie


      I have a problem. I want to use jBPM in many scenarios. Every User-Role need a cutomized set of WorkItems (in the Guvnor Console as possible).

      I want to load the specific sets of WorkItems for each project from one repository, where I have saved all my WorkItems (in abstract forms). So I can only load in a scenario the  WorkItems for that the user have the required rights.

      But the used BPMN-Console of jBPM load the WorkItems, which are displayed, from a local config file. Is there a feasibility to load the WorkItems from another extern Inputstream?

      So that I can use my WorkItems from my own repository? I don't  know how I can do that, because I don't find apis for that.


      Or is it possible to use the WorkItem config-file from another computer and not from the local system? I don't find a way for that.


      Can someone help? Thanks a lot!

      Cu Kai

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          Tihomir Surdilovic Master

          Currently jBPM Designer searches all workitem definitions that are available in the same Guvnor package as the process you are editing. This would be a really nice feature to have (ability to point to different location). I'm currently workin on something very similar but please raise a jBPM Jira so your great idea does not get lost in this forum.