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    How to handle the JMS bridge in AS7?


      Currently there is no pre-defined way to deploy a JMS bridge (i.e. org.hornetq.jms.bridge.impl.JMSBridgeImpl) in AS7.  In JBoss AS 6 and earlier you could deploy the bridge as an MBean or JBoss MC bean, but the current configuration schema in AS7 simply doesn't support it.  The bridge is a nice feature so we need a way to deploy it.


      That said, it doesn't exactly make sense to add the JMS bridge to a <hornetq-server> because the bridge can operate independently of a local HornetQ server (unless we decide to assume that one end of the bridge will always involve the inVM server).  Here are a couple of points for discussion:


      1. Do we want the bridge to be completely independent of the inVM server?
      2. If yes to #1, should we break the bridge out into its own module?
      3. If yes to #1, should the bridge have its own subsystem?
      4. If no to #1, should we change the bridge to force one "end" of it to use the inVM connection factory?