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    No EJB client context is available

    suman.ganta Newbie

      On JBoss AS7.1, When I tried to invoke an EJB from a web app which has ejb-ref to that attribute, it works fine.


      However, when I lookup JNDI for that EJB, although it succeeds to look it up, it fails upon invoking any method on the returned proxy with the following error:


      java.lang.IllegalStateException: No EJB client context is available


      I tried to lookup all reachable JNDIs for the EJB, lookup succeeds but the method invocation on the returned proxy fails always. I tried it by not closing InitialContext as well, but did not help. Is this a an existing bug? or do I have to do something different to get around this problem?


      This is the case with both EJB2.x and EJB3 lookups.