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    Configure Jboss with specifc host only NIC?

    Normen Zoch Newbie

      Hi People,


      I' trying to setup a virtual Lab with SAS Software wich is using Jboss.

      I have two networks,

      ETH0 - Internet, RAS-Access - registered DHCP Address

      ETH1 - Host Only Network. - Static Address


      My Goal is to use the ETH0 Interface to connect to this very server via WIndows RAS VPN access.

      The entire Jboss communication should be handled by the internal network ETH1 only.


      The dns name lets say jobss.dev.corp is comming from a centralized DNS/DHCP Server

      and is pointing to the public address /ETH0

      The entire installation is running inside a Windows 2008 R2 VM using ESiX 5.

      The Jboss is right now bind to ip:, port 8081

      Which means he listens to all IP's.

      The deployed java application are running fine.


      Now i want to bind the Jobss entirely on the local ETH1 Interface.

      I do this in the wrapper.conf file and give him his local ip address.


      When i restart the Jboss all Web applications are not found anymore. I get an 404 error.

      What exactly do i have to do to complete this task?

      What do i miss?


      A few things to think bout

      - Do i have to adjust the local hosts file somehow? (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts)

      - Do i have to add a special Multicast address inside the Jboss config?

      - Do i have to adjust the routing table accordingly?


      Thanks for any help,


      Best Regards,