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    [Richfaces 4.1] Problem with f:ajax and rich:dataTable

    Ste Gr Newbie



      I have a problem with f:ajax and the rich:dataTable. I implemented a collapsible menu which sends via f:ajax the state (opened / closed) to a navigation bean. Everything works as wanted, but then I added a dataTable to the page and on every ajax-call from the menu the whole dataTable gets re-process on the server without sending any updates to the client.


      I have no idea whats going on. Well, currently I'm not using f:ajax anymore, but its javascript function to perform the call

      >> jsf.ajax.request(inputField, event, {execute: inputField.name});

      But the problem is the same. I set execute to the input field (h:inputField) that contains the state of the menu-group.


      Any suggestions whats happening there? Is this the normal behavior?


      Thanks in advance