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    CMP and Oracle 8.1.6

    Stephan Newbie

      hey all,
      thought maybe somebody here could help me.

      what i'm doing is pretty straightforward and typical:
      servlet calls the stateless session bean which calls the CMP entity bean.

      however i seem to be having some problems when i update the DB by hand. The updates aren't propagated back.it almost looks like the session bean has retained references to the old entitybean/data. once i exit the stateles session bean shouldn't those references be removed? is there something i should watch out for? i have some helper classes which use references to the entity bean to get values from the cmp bean.

      now here's the really weird part. i define my custom finder in jaws which returns a collection, i use an iterator to go through the data. everything is fine the first time and i do a remove on the iterator after each entry. data consistent.session bean exited. the second time i call the session bean, after having updated the DB, the finder correctly finds the number of entries corresponding to the query, however when i iterate through them again, EXACT SAME data as before! no updates have been propagated back. i have to restart JBoss to get get everything resynchronised.