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    jboss 7.0.1 to jboss 7.1.0 and org.apache.el.parser.SKIP_IDENTIFIER_CHECK

    nimo stephan Master

      I upgraded from jboss as 7.0.1 to 7.1.0 beta. I have a jsf-war which runs in 7.0.1 withoud modification.


      When deploying this war in 7.1.0, I get this rendering error:

      @11,55 id="test-#{this}" Failed to parse the expression [test-#{this}]


      Caused by: javax.el.ELException: The identifier [this] is not a valid Java identifier as required by section 1.19 of the EL specification (Identifier ::= Java language identifier). This check can be disabled by setting the system property org.apache.el.parser.SKIP_IDENTIFIER_CHECK to true.


      I guess, in Jboss AS< 7.1 the property org.apache.el.parser.SKIP_IDENTIFIER_CHECK was set to true. However, with Jboss AS >=7.1, this property is set to false. Am I right?


      I do not want to set the property back to true.


      I have this:

      <ui:include src="page.xhtml">

           <ui:param name="this" value="value" />



      and in my page.xhtml, I use the facelet-param as common:


      <h:panelGroup id="test-#{value}" ..>


      I do not know, why this syntax violates the rule "as required by section 1.19 of the EL specification".


      Any ideas?