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    EJB business methods invoked by @Timeout (same bean) not intercepted

    Guido Bonazza Newbie


      it seems that EJB business methods invoked from @Timeout in the same bean are not intercepted.

      Also, @Asynchronous methods invoked from @Timeout are not executed asynchronously.

      All of this happens only to methods belongin to the same bean as @Timeout. If the @Timeout method invokes business methods belonging to a different bean everything is Ok.


      Here is an example:




      public class TimedBean {


          public void timeout() {





          public void asyncMethod() {

              // ...





      By the way, stepping with the debugger in asyncMethod() I saw that timeout() is calling it immediately, as if it wasn't a business method.


      I've created a test case for this at https://github.com/guidbona/jboss-as/commits/timer-selfinvoke. The tests correctly fail.