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    more than one standalone running in the same machine problem

    Riccardo Pasquini Novice



      i've started a standalone instance (ha-full) binding to, i fail to start another instance binding to, they refer to 2 different jboss base paths (and different configuration paths)


      the second instance fails to bind the following service:


      • jboss.remoting.server.remoting-connector (tries /
      • http (tries localhost/
      • jacorb.orb.iiop ( could not create server socket port: 3528 host: localhost/ java.net.BindException: Address already in use)
      • jboss.jacorb.poa-service.rootpoa:


      i've tried the following (in reverse order... ):


      • -bpublic=<ip> -bmanagement=<ip>
      • -b <ip> -bmanagement=<ip>
      • -b <ip>


      any clue? thnx and bye