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    Commit options not effect

    Luc Tran Hiep Newbie

      Hi all,
      I design two beans with 1-n relationship. I face to problems when update the bean:
      1. When I delete the master bean, all rows of the detail bean will be deleted by the database. When I create again a master bean has the same primarykey with once before, it's ok. But when I create a detail bean with the same once before, the container throw DuplicateKeyException. Although the detail bean has not exist in the database.
      2. When I delete a bean and create the bean again with the same primary key. All information of the bean before will show again although information in the database is correct.

      My sollution as bellow:
      -When I choose commit option C, the problem 1 is solved but the problem 2 is not solved.
      -When I choose commit option A,B,D the problem 2 is solved but the problem 1 is not solved.

      Please help me ???
      Thank and best regard,