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    Using MavenDependencyResolver while releasing a multi-module Web project


      We have a multi module web project with, say, modules web, core and simu.  Module web has dependencies toward module web and simu, and module core has a dependency toward module simu. Module simu has no dependencies toward the other modules.


      I have setup JSF2unit  tests in module web, using Arquillian and Shrinkwrap. Shrinkwrap use the MavenDependencyResolver to package all the libs, including the ones from module core and simu. Everything is fine as long as we are in mode Snapshot( the phase are then clean - install ).


      Whe we are doing a release (from the root pom.xml), when the maven release plugin is preparing, it only execute the phases from clean to verify, and then shrinkwrap does not find the core and simu jars ( because they are not deployed to local nor remote repositories). However, Maven manage to find the core and simu librairies for compilation of the web module ( form the traget folder of the modules ?).


      Does anyone has experienced this problem or has an idea to solve it ?