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    Toplink with jboss?

    Jan Brond Newbie

      Has anyone tried to use toplink with jboss ?

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          Feisal Jaffer Newbie

          > Has anyone tried to use toplink with jboss ?

          I am definitely interested in this topic. We are currently using Toplink with jboss, but have reached the stage where we would like to integrate connection pooling with our toplink-based java application (mostly stateless session beans and java beans) that is currently running on JBoss/Oracle/Win2k. Wondering if anyone would be able to answer any of the following questions:

          - What is the recommended approach to integrating connection pooling with toplink? (e.g. should we use toplink's own connection pooling mechanism or use jboss's implementation?)
          - What are the tradeoffs of the two approaches?
          - Are there any known issues with either of the two approaches?

          I would really appreciate any assistance with this issue.


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            Pete McKinstry Newbie

            Is anyone using toplink to handle EJB CMP?

            We're looking at porting one of our web applications from a commercial app server to JBoss & Tomcat. The problem is that the app is using Toplink for CMP services and i'd like to port the app over w/o having to remove toplink. (atleast initially) Is this possible? Has anyone done any work in this area?


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              jacky jacky Newbie

              you should use the external connection pool not the toplink connection pool which does not support the cocurrency call.

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                Michael Huneycutt Newbie

                I have been using TopLink 9.0.3 integrated with JBoss 3.0 to 3.2 accessing Oracle 9.2.0 and using JTS and external connection pooling for sometime. Also using XA DataSource. Or I should say I have struggled with it due to integration bugs. I started with 3.0.4 and worked up to 3.0.7 and found many bugs and challenges along the way. You can find most the of problems I have encountered in the forums here and some of what I have done to get past them. I am currently running JBoss 3.2.1 and it seems to work well although I still have one challenge which is trying to figure out why it believes it needs to close my connections. Let me know if I can help, but you will find a how-to and more info on TopLink and JBoss by searching the forums with my name.

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                  Michael Huneycutt Newbie

                  Opps did not look at the date, you must be an expert by now or given up.