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    inconsistency between drools-guvnor and jbpm-console

    jayanthi thakur Newbie

      Dear jBPM-Community,

      iam new to Jbpm


         this is the prcoess iam following,

         *Starting a new bpmn2 process,after done with the process am saving it(check in).

        *Building the package successfully.

         *Then checking for the created process in drools-guvnor console.


      Sometimes the processes appear and sometimes they don't,an getting confused & really struggling with this issue,

      Please help me!..









      Today again when i started demo, i was facing the same issue,cant see the created process in jbpm-console,but when i restarted by stoppping the demo(ant stop.demo)

      and retstarting it(ant start.demo) i can see the process in jbpm-console and after that i created one more process and it is visible in jbpm-console.


      am attaching my server.log can anyone explain why is this issue coming?