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    How to make ViewConfig work

    Feng Jiang Newbie

      Hi, everyone:


           I have a demand on Seam Security ViewConfig.  If the user has logged in that a request for the views  on  /pages/*  would be granted.  if not , the user will be redirected to the login view  /login.xhtml.


      my @ViewConfig interface as follows:


      public interface Pages {
                static enum page{


      the User annotation create by @SecurityBindingType


      @Target({ElementType.FIELD, ElementType.METHOD, ElementType.TYPE})
      public @interface User {


      The authorization method annotated with @Secure


      public class SecurityRules {
                public @Secures @User boolean userChecker(Identity identity) {
                     if (identity.getUser() == null) {
                               return false;
                     } else {
                               return true;


      Now there are some problem. When i request the view /pages/test.xhtml , the authorization method userChecker will be invoked , but whether false or true it return .  The  access also be granted.


      How would i to do with the ViewConfig?


      I used the seam 3.1.0.final and jboss as 7.0.2.final