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    RF 4.2 a4j:mediaOutput




      I have a question about a4j:mediaOuput:


      I am creating an image content with JFreeChart and showing it with a4j:mediaOuput. This works very fine, but when I want to update the chart with a a4j:commandButton and render of the a4j:mediaOutput, I can not see the new chart.

      I checked to documentation about examples and attributes, but did not find a solution.


      Here is my code:

      <a4j:mediaOutput id="img" element="img" cacheable="false" createContent="#{mbj3.readChartData}" value="WochenChart" mimeType="image/png" title="WochenChart"/>


      I have seen that there is another attribute called "expires". But which value should I give to it, that there is no caching and the chart is rerendered on every button-click?


      Thanks in advance!