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    Caught RuntimeException "JNDIProjectStageDetector didn't implement the Extension interface"

    pascal salg Newbie



      i am currently migrating an application from jsf1.2 (richfaces 3.3) to jsf2.0 (richfaces 4) (from JBoss 4.2 to JBoss 7 and Seam 2 to Seam 3)


      I almost got it working now, finished replacing the jar files and resolving the dependencies. When starting the application i get a RuntimeException:


      "java.lang.RuntimeException: Service class org.jboss.seam.faces.projectstage.JNDIProjectStageDetector didn't implement the Extension interface"


      I set the ProjectStage in my web.xml:




      Do I have to implement a class for this to work?

      Couldn't find anything on the web or here in the community for this specific error...



      Greetings from Germany,

      P. Salg