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Switchyard JBPM and Sql Sever or Oracle

Seme Seme Newbie

How to make jbpm to use different database than h2?

I have updated following persistence.xml but no tables were created


Hibernate config in jbpm-bam.jar under /switchyard-as7-0.3/modules/org/switchyard/component/bpm


perisistence.xml in switchyard-jbpm-persistence-jpa-0.3.0.Final.jar under /switchyard-as7-0.3/modules/org/jbpm/jbpm-persistence-jpa/main

perisistence.xml in  switchyard-jbpm-human-task-0.3.0.Final.jar  under /switchyard-as7-0.3/modules/org/jbpm/jbpm-human-task/main


My datasource java:jboss/datasources/jbpmDS was created fine.


Any idea, what else I need to do?

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    David Ward Master

    As I mentioned in your other thread, there are conflicts wrt persistence when used in JBoss AS 7 that are being looked in to.  Most has to do with conflicting JPA and Hibernate versions that are not as easily resolved using the AS7 module loading capability as one might think.  Be assured this is a priority on my list of tasks.