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    Can I use Picketlink to pass a Principal to a webservice ?

    Stefan Kopf Newbie



      I have a web-application running on a JBOSS that is configured to use container based authentication. The authentication is done by a custom LoginModule that is based on JBOSS Negotiate.


      So all requests that arrive at my application have a Principal set in the HttpServletRequest. I can use this principal (and the subjects contained in it) to access backend servers.


      But I now need to call a webservices that is deployed on the same JBOSS and pass this Principal / Subject to that web service so that this web service in turn is able to contact the backend systems. I need some way to serialize my Subject so I can pass it as token in the ws-security header and the web services needs to be able to recreate the Subject from that token.


      Can I use Picketlink for this task ?

      Can anyone point me to a sample application or the documentation about his ?



      Thanks ! !