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    Why dataTable can not show any data

    utrla time Newbie



      public class SayHelloActionImp implements SayHelloInterface {

        private int columnId;



        private Person person;



        private List<Person> users;



        private EntityManager em;


        /* (non-Javadoc)

        * @see com.session.SayHelloInterface#sayHello()


        public void sayHello()



        person = new Person();

        System.out.println("Save done!");

        users = em.createQuery("select p from Person p").getResultList();




      When I configured page.xml to let it re-direct to another xhtml page,


      code in that page is like:


      <h:dataTable value="#{users}" var="user">


          <h:outputText value="#{user.name}" />




      None Result showed on screen, Why? (BTW, persist action has sucessfully finished)