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    JMS Security Settings with JBoss 7

    andeisen Newbie



      well, the 7.1 release of JBoss AS looks really nice but I don't get it yet how I can configure the embedded hornetQ server to access the jms system.

      Withb JBoss 7.0.2 running, I had some MDBs deployed and used some clients to send messages to th server. The connection lookup was performed without JNDI but with "native" lookup (by using the corresponding hornetQ methods).

      E.g. is used that code:



      ConnectionFactory cf =
                      ( ConnectionFactory ) HornetQJMSClient.createConnectionFactoryWithoutHA( JMSFactoryType.CF,  transportCfg );


      With JBoss 7.0.2, the clients worked just fine.

      Today I tried JBoss 7.1.0.Final and deployed my ear, which was successful.

      But the clients are not able to send any JMS messages to the server.

      It seems that I need to provide some security settings for JMS connection.

      My question is now: How do I configure the JMS system due to security?