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    a newby question.

    Diógenes Moreira Newbie

      This is my firt message to the list/forum, and i wanna say hi.


      Well, we (Argentine Ministry of Justice, Security and Human Rigth) are trying use jBPM as core BPM platform.


      In this experiences, we find a couple of bugs in the designer.


      1. First question. add it to the jira or first check the bugs here?

      2. I'll can gues, we will be have resource to fix bugs o some thing like that. how is the process to send a fix.




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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Yes, creating the jira issue is the right path to go.

          Inside jira you can attach the patch for the issue if you solve it..

          If you don't solve it we usually ask for a small project that demonstrate the problem. If there is a problem with an UI you can provide the steps to reproduce the error and the plataform where you are testing it.