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    Passing parameters between xhtml and beans

    giant2 Newbie

      Hi! I have a problem passing parameter between xhtml file and beans.

      An xhtml file has a component declared (for simplicity we call it "PIPPO") and in another xhtml file I use PIPPO:



           <ui:param name="pluto" value="main" />




      PIPPO component is like this:


      <h:outputText value="Here we are: #{pluto}" />


      <... rendered="myBean.render('#{pluto}')"...>



      and the method is:

      public boolean render(String whoAreYou){

           System.out.println("calling render by:"+whoAreYou);

           return true;



      I see in the debug console all the traces are like:

      calling render by:#{pluto}

      but I was waiting there'll be: calling render by:main


      I believe the problem was the calling of method, so I tryed to use myBean.render(#{pluto})

      but it doesn't go and have a compilation error.


      HELP please! How can I passing the parameter value?!?!?!?!?!?

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          zeeman Novice

          First call your back-end bean with a hard-coded string myBean.render('#{'pluto'}')" to assure the back-end works. Once that works, try to use the page param so you can isolate the problem.


          I pass params among pages using <ui:param name="someName" value="#{value}" />


          That works for me. Seems like your PIPPO component is culprit.

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            giant2 Newbie

            Thanks for the answer, but I did it and see the back-end is called with the string #{pluto} and not, as I expecting, the string main.

            It seems the translation from #{pluto} to its value isn't done in calling method because I try to outputText this #{pluto} and see correctly the string "main".

            It could be a bug or a different behaviour of the engine?

            I hope in the engine so maybe there is some pattern/regular expression to use doing what I need, isn't it?

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              giant2 Newbie

              I solved!

              Using a parameter retrieved like the mine #{pluto} in a method call, it's not necessary to specify the syntax #{pluto}.

              I explain me better:

              my #{pluto} and the calling method <... rendered="myBean.render('#{pluto}')"...>

              in this scenario it must be:

              <... rendered="myBean.render(pluto)"...>

              because the context in witch pluto is called is a method and not the page.


              Thanks to zeeman. Your suggestion myBean.render('#{'pluto'}')" with too many ' put me in the correct way.