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    BPMN2 modeler

    annah Newbie




      I am trying out the new BPMN2 modeler that is currently under development, it looks great and we would like to reuse it in our project. Do you know when it is expected to be ready for use and to replace the current ruleflow editor?


      Also another question, are there any instructions how to build the modeler from source, I've been trying - but without success. This is what I did:

      1. downloaded the Eclipse Helios distribution with PDE tools

      2. installed the latest release of Graphiti

      3. exported the BPMN2 metamodel and BPMN2 modeler source projects from Github repositories

      4. built the modeler projects with maven


      But I am still getting a bunch of compilation errors (all of them referring to unresolved dependencies). Are there any other plugins required to be able to build the editor?

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          annah Newbie

          Hi guys, I've managed to build the modeler from source (WST tools and all of its dependent plugins are required).


          But still have a question about BPMN2 modeler time plan, when is the next release expected? Particularly, in my project I need the capability of adding custom tasks, when is it expected to be fully functional?