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    Help to explain how a Conversation is propagated with an ajax event

    Tom Goring Apprentice



      I have the following page:


      <rich:panel header="example">
      <h:form id="reg">
      <h:commandButton execute="@form" action="#{sampleBean.toggle()}" value="POST" /><br/>
      <a4j:commandButton execute="@form" action="#{sampleBean.toggle()}" render="@form" value="AJAX_FORM" /><br/>
      <a4j:commandButton execute="@form" action="#{sampleBean.toggle()}" render="test1" value="AJAX_TEST" /><br/>
      <a4j:outputPanel id="test1">
      <h:outputText value="Open" rendered="#{sampleBean.open}"/>
      <h:outputText value="Close" rendered="#{!sampleBean.open}"/>


      sampleBean is @ConversationScoped.


      Can someone explain why buttons "POST" and "AJAX_FORM" work (i.e. conversation is started and toggle works) where as "AJAX_TEST" does not.

      I.e. just rendering the test1 area I expect is not proporgating the conversation id.  How can I get it to work with out having to re render the whole form (as per AJAX_FORM).


      Thanks for your help.