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    java:/ Namespace

    ravi Newbie


      I have a small question. It might seem stupid so please bear with me.
      When servlets call beans in JBoss, the servlets and beans can be in 2 different JVMs or in the same JVM. Most probably in different JVMs. Servlets can also obtain connections from the JBoss connection pool. If the servlets are running in a different JVM, then how do they obtain connection from the JBoss connection pool, because the pool is bound to the java:/ namespace which is local vm namespace. So if servlets can obtain connections, why can't pure java classes obtain connections from the same pool. As you can see I am thoroughly confused. If pure java classes running in their JVMs can do so, how do they do it because I keep on getting a namenotbound exception

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          Dan Christopherson Newbie

          If your servlet is getting database connections from JBoss pools under java: it's definately running in the same process as the JBoss instance that provides those pools. This is the default JBoss/Tomcat (or JBoss/Jetty) configuration - both run in the same process.