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    Can jbosssvc have a count down time (i.e. progress bar) during startup

    Matt B Newbie

      Currently we are using Jboss 6.1.0-Final along with JavaService to register the AS as a windows service.  The install.bat file with JavaService allows you to specify a parameter on the install step (ex:  - start 45 ) that "seems" to cause the Windows Service to show a progress bar for 45 seconds while it is staring the Jboss service. 


      On my initial tests using jbosssvc, instead of JavaService, when you start the AS using the Windows Service there is no progress bar as it has the impression that the AS starts almost immediately; however, the server is still taking the 60 seconds or so to start according to the log files.


      Is there any way to specify a parameter to jbosssvc to cause a progress bar to be shown when the service is started for some amount of time?  Or, is there some way to tweat the :cmdStart section of the service.bat file to achieve this behavoir?